Dating Habits I Wish I Forgot Earlier

Over time as we get comfortable in dating, we end up picking up nasty habits that can put people right off us or just make bad first impressions. Obviously, we don’t want this and I’ll be talking about a few of the habits that I wish I had worked my way out of sooner.Whilst these dating habits might not apply to you, have a think about things that you do in dates that might be faux pas or just plain bad manners.

Rethink Your Goals

Don’t get too obsessed with the idea of finding a partner. when you fixate upon something you start to create unhealthy habits around that thing. you shouldn’t feel like you need a partner to complete yourself, you should be whole on your own.A relationship is only good if both people don’t -need- the other to survive. When you both have independence and choose to be together on purpose, the relationship is much healthier. Don’t obsess over getting a partner and just enjoy your dates instead.

happy dating couple

I’d make a habit of not pulling that face

Don’t Chase After The Wrong People

When you are looking for a date, make sure you are looking for the right type of person. Whilst it can be fun to date pretty much anyone and see what happens, when you are purposely looking for someone to be with for a long time, you probably aren’t going to find them at a dive bar. All you’ll have to show is a terrible headache the next morning and a lot less money.Looking for the right people means going to the right places and figuring out what you really want in your partner.

Care Less

There’s a whole lot of people out there that just won’t be for you. On the flip side, the same is true of you. Don’t get stuck up on people that don’t want to date you, because they probably aren’t the right one for you anyway.Caring less about what people think of you is great, because you can act how you like, have more fun and not feel bad if someone doesn’t like something you do. It’s on them for feeling bad, not you.

relaxed partners on date

Look at the happy couple!

Do What You Want

You don’t have to do traditionally couple-y things with someone else. Take a friend or hell, go by yourself. If you want to go see a film at the cinema, nobody is stopping you just because you aren’t going with a partner.

Listen To Excuses

When someone says they have something that means it isn’t a good reason to date them, believe them. Trying to power through it and trying to fix these people just won’t help, because they are determined to stay how they are. If someone is telling you not to date them because they are high maintenance, neurotic, ‘not ready’, too poor, whatever… It’s just because they don’t really want to be with you and can’t tell you that.If you meet someone you really want to be with, you make it work, rather than relying on bad excuses.

Online Stalking

Don’t stalk people online!That really says enough, but I’ll elaborate. If you get the online handles of someone you are dating from a social networking site, dating site or just by googling their name, stop yourself. You’ll unnerve yourself if you see lots of people talking to your date who might also be trying to date themselves. It’s also super creepy when you start talking to them about something that your date hasn’t talked to you about before. They are likely to get out of there as soon as possible, because that isn’t healthy. Wait for a while before bothering with social networking. Even better, stop using social networking altogether, it is a waste of time and energy.

Change Your Expectations

Marriage material people just don’t exist. When you are dating, you shouldn’t be analysing everyone you meet to see if they are The One. People grow to become the perfect person for you, rather than existing in that state already. Focus on having fun and enjoying your dates rather than analysing whether they would be the best marriage material.

Slow down and be present in the moment. Enjoy your life today, rather than planning for the perfect life in a few months / years. Lower your expectations of the people that you are going to date. Whilst you shouldn’t date just anyone, your list of features your ideal date must have is not realistic. Most humans are flawed, just like you are and it is unreasonable to expect your dates to be perfect too.once you’ve taken this on board, you should be able to date more effectively and enjoy the process a lot more!

The Best Dating Tips For Shy Men

When you are habitually shy, dating can be nerve-wracking. You know that you should go up to women and introduce yourself, get involved in conversations and be funny and charming, but knowing is very different from doing. Shy guys get worried about becoming tongue-tied, or making an ass of themselves and this fear stops them from doing anything, in particular chatting up women.
But it needn’t be like that. OK, if you are shy you are not going to turn into a massive extrovert overnight, and I do not think that is the way to go either, but you can make a few changes, mostly to your mental state, that allow you to either forget your own introversion or, better still, embrace it.
Here are three small changes a shy guy can make, that will allow them to talk to women, date, and be exactly the guy they want to be.

tips for shy guys

Use your shyness

Embrace It

You should never deny your true self. Unfortunately that is what everyone spends their entire lives doing. We are all told on a daily basis that we are not good enough, and we should change this, that and the other in order to be better people, and only be doing so will be find the great girl, the great job and all the happiness the world owes us.


We are who we are, and though you should always strive for better, you are not going to change dramatically in your entire lifetime, let alone in the next week so that you can go out at the weekend a new man. If you are a shy guy then you have to learn to live with that. Thought that might seem a romantic death sentence it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I will let you into a little secret – women love shy guys.
Shy guys have an air of mystery about them that the brasher male does not, and mystery is a real draw for women. If you are up-front all the time, putting your whole self out there, then there is nothing for the girls to learn about you. An arrogant, extroverted guy may look good in the bar or the club, but most women know they are a nightmare to date, and what they really want is a guy who is a little bit more of a closed-book and a bit more interesting.
Of course, it is difficult for a shy guy to even get to that point. They are not going to go up to a girl and start talking, so that leaves everything tot eh women, and as much as women like mystery, then also like to be wooed – it is a catch-22 situation for the introvert. But just because the louder males get more attention, doesn’t mean that is what the women are looking for.
In addition, the more comfortable you are, the better you come across. If you admit to yourself that you are a little shy, rather than trying everything to change that, you can start to make small changes so you can at least talk to a girl or two.

tips for shy guys 2

Women like shyness

Concentrate On The Girl

Women are not an alien species and are remarkably easy to take to once you realize what they are: people. You can talk to them just like everyone else. OK, so if you are shy you might have trouble even talking to the cashier at the grocery store, but you should be able to realize that not everyone is out to make a fool of you, and you have nothing to fear, really, from talking to women on a night out, or just during the day.
Start small, and try talking to female cashiers, baristas, or shop assistants to get used to talking to women. I am not saying chat them up. I am saying talk to them in relation to their job. This will allow you to get comfortable talking to women without wondering if they like you or not.
Once you feel a bit more comfortable talking o women, then give it a go on a night out. And again, just start small. Compliment a girl at a bar, or strike up a conversation about something relevant. At this point you have one massive advantage over every other guy – you are not explicitly trying to get laid. If you just talk to a women just normally then you will be able to have a proper conversation with her, and over time your shyness will diminish as you get to know them.

tips for shy guys 3

Don’t worry about your shyness

Fake It

I always say confidence is key to dating, which is true. What is also true is that almost no one has true confidence. Most people are just faking it to try and look good. That means that you can do that to. A little bit of confidence, such as that needed to start a conversation with a girl at a bar, will go a long way. One you are up and running, confidence breeds confidence, so just pretend for those five seconds as you approach that you really are a confidant man, and it shall be so.

Traits Of A Good Employee

A good employee is a treasure for any organization that wants to prosper. For the success and prosperity of a company, there has to be employees who have the right skills, qualities as well as attributes. These three aspects are what make a good employee. In essence, getting done or finishing the tasks that are required is not all that a good employee should be. There are other important traits such as good attitude that ideal employees should posses.

Ability to complain privately

There is always a time when employees are allowed to bring issues forward. This is the time an employer can learn and establish great employees in the company. The best staff will always have more latitude especially when it involves controversial subjects. An outstanding employee comes to the leaders after the meeting to discuss the sensitive issues. This is because they know very well that bringing such a subject while in a meeting setting may result into a firestorm. This is a clear indication that great employees are hesitant to spill out the beans in meetings but would rather choose a private setting. On the face of it, these kinds of employees will also speak when others won’t.


Solid and formidable employees of any organization should be multi-skilled and be able to do more than their job describes. If an employee has more than one skill set, the organization is likely to benefit more and the customers will be satisfied. According to human resource experts and professionals, great employees should be able to expand the areas of different tasks that they are able to handle. In addition to this, they must make huge strides to their level best in all the tasks and duties they are assigned. If your employees are able to enhance and progress their skills, you have the right kind of people in your company. In short, the more an employee learns, the more value he or she will have to an employer and this equally translates to greater job opportunities.

Reliability and ability to follow instructions

Employers are aggravated in workers who do not follow instructions carefully. These kinds of employees are likely to make the organization not to meet deadlines. As such, many mistakes are made and the result is a bunch of unhappy customers. Great employees ought to follow instructions so that the company sees them as reliable. Waiting, listening attentively and executing the directives is what makes a good employer.



Good employees must be seen as dependable by the employer. Workers who arrive late or call in sick frequently are perceived as unreliable. In all likelihood, absenteeism brings a bad impact that is felt in all the organs of the company. It makes other staff to strain and cover for the gap. If the actions are good, the employers will perceive you as dependable knowing that you can keep commitments.


Recent statistics have proved that the current job market lacks great employees. As employers search for the greatness in new recruits, it is up to the employees to learn quality traits that make them more productive for the organization. If an employee is dependable and does not attract complains from the employer or the customer, it lessens the possibility of being laid off during retrenchment period.

Save Money On Your Next Vacation – 5 Tips For A Budgeted Holiday

We all wish to spend quality time with your friends and relatives. But, with increased work pressure and responsibilities it may not be feasible to give your closed ones a happy family time. Nevertheless, vacations are always a great way to create special moments and unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Taking a vacation alone may not cost you much, unless you are trying to visit some hot-spot tourist destinations. But, if you are planning a vacation with your family and friends, then you may need to spend a large part of your savings.

If you want to budgeted holiday, there are a lot of things that you would need to take into consideration while planning the trip. Whether you are planning a holiday for a week or a couple of days, financial and time constraints should not let your spirit down. Here are five most effective tips that you can use to enjoy a splendid holiday without spending fortune.

Book Your Flights In Advance

With a bit of patience and careful planning, you can get some amazing deals on tickets if you make advance bookings. There are many early bird offers given by airline companies for those who book tickets approximately 4-6 months in advance. Also, it is advised to check the homepage of airlines from time to time to grab the best discount deals and offers. This will help you a save a great deal of money on your travelling expense, especially if you are going with a huge group.

Go for Tour Packages

Not many people will recommend you to consult a travel agent because of several impractical myths. But, the fact is these agents can really provide you reasonable deals on hotels, transportation and meals. The combo packages are a great way to save money on individual aspects of a vacation. Tour packages are designed to give you best possible services at affordable prices.

Just Travel Light

If you have planned a weekend trip, it is advised to carry a simple backpack with all necessities. However, if you are planning a longer trip, then make sure you resist carrying heavy and non-essential items. Travelling lights will save you from long check-in process and heavy baggage fees. Different airlines have different norms for baggage weight, make sure you get all the information about your airlines and plan your packing accordingly.

Do your Research and Seek Recommendations

Do your Research and Seek Recommendations

If you are considering a travel agent to book your holiday, then it is better to do your part of research to get good deals on hotels and transportation. You can search the internet and look for budgeted hotels. Contact them directly and ask if they are willing to give discounts for advance booking. Most of hotels do provide good discounts for early booking and will also recommend you affordable mode of transportation.

Consider Going in Off-Peak Season

We all know the tariff of hotels, transportation rates and dine in cost goes substantially high when you visit a tourist destination in peak season. The best alternative is to visit the place during off-peak season to get most out of your holiday experience. The tourist attractions won’t be much crowded, and you will be able to attain services at half the price of what you would have paid in peak season.

Consider Going in Off-Peak Season

Everybody needs a break from their hectic daily schedule. Going on a vacation is a great way to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Despite of financial constraints, you can enjoy an exciting holiday with a little smartness and ingenuity.

Myths, Misconceptions And Truths About Bottled Water

Here is the plain truth and fact about bottled water in comparison to tap water in view of their myths.

1. Bottled water is healthier and purer than tap water

This will not be any convincing once you get used to your home water filter systems or a portable bottle with a built-in internal filter. Tap water is healthy and pure as long as it is clean and the water filters act as a confirmation to clean drinking water. The bottle filter will give you water quality equal or better than the one you buy in the supermarkets and stores because the purifying filter systems are the same if not better. Therefore tap water is more efficient and economic. This will eventually get rid of the habit of buying packaged bottled water.

2. Purified water tastes better

The cleanest and purest water has no taste. When all the minerals and salts removed, water tastes flat. It is the minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium and chlorides) that give water its flavor. Therefore, whenever you drink bottled water and find a sweet taste in the water, it is not the purest of waters. The water should neither have a taste nor a smell.

3. Water bottles are friendly to the environment because they can be recycled

Water bottles are friendly to the environment because they can be recycled

Reusing the waters bottles is not the healthiest thing to do. Some of the water bottles contain harmful chemicals that may leach into your water. This may eventually cause more harm than good as you will have to incur medical expenses once you get ill. But more so, the sad truth is that a bigger percentage of water bottles end up in the trash can rather than being recycled. As a thought, isn’t tap water equally if not more environmental friendly than bottled water? You only need to fill tap water into a glass that is reusable time and time again for free.

4. Bottled water comes from artisan springs in the mountains

It is a very common phrase occasionally used by every bottle-water company, that bottled water comes from untouched springs in the high mountains, never previously had contact with humans. It is just but a marketing strategy for we all know the source of all water is common. All water comes from the mountains and hills which is also the source of all rivers and springs. The same water taken in bottles and that from tap water have virtually everything in the common difference being one is bottled the other is from the tap.

5. Bottled water is better than tap water

Bottled water is better than tap water

While labels and advertisements emanate about bottled water that “begins as snowflakes” or flows from “inside lush green volcanoes”, this is not necessarily the case because a bigger percentage of bottled water comes from a less exotic source. Many bottled companies buy water from their respective municipal councils after which they filter, purify and even add minerals and salts to the water. The next time you prefer bottled water to tap water know that it is just the same water only that bottled water has gone through an extra process or two than tap water.

As seen in the myths bottled water is not any better than tap water. So the next time you consider one to the other, think wisely on which exactly you need.

Things To Think About Before Making The Ultimate Commitment

When you are thinking of marrying and settling down, there are a million and one things that you are worried about. There are so many doubts, fears and insecurities that plague you and sometimes these doubts can keep you from plunging into matrimony. The thing to remember here is that you have to find a way to get over your worries and move forward. The best thing to do is to voice your doubts and talk to someone. If you are not comfortable sharing your fears, here are 5 things that you need to ask yourself before you walk down the aisle.

Is he/she the right one for you?

If you are marrying the first guy/girl you meet who has taken an interest in you, you are bound to think whether there is something better out there. However, when it comes to picking the right person, the sequence and experience in the field of dating rarely matter. Just ask yourself why you like and love the person you do. If your answer is he/she accepts you and loves you for what you are, then you are doing the right thing. If you can be yourself when you are with the other person and not worry about anything, then it is s good thing that you are taking it to the next level. But, if you feel like you have to be cautious around him/her or constantly worry about not hurting their feelings, it is time for you to think it through.

Financial security

This is another very important aspect of marriage. When you marry someone, you share your finances and build a home and family. So, financial security is important. It is of utmost importance that you continue to live the life you have always led. Otherwise, there will be needless resentment. Sure, some adjustments are necessary. But, ultimately being stable financially helps a lot in strengthening the bonds that form the foundation of a family.

Idiosyncrasies and queer traits

You should ask yourself as to how well you know the person you are marrying. Do you know about all their addictions, ideas, choices, idiosyncrasies, pet peeves, etc. If you know about all this, and still find the other person amazing then marriage is the thing for you.

Future and dreams and aspirations

In marriage, we meld our lives together. That does not mean we stop living as individuals. This means that the other person should respect and encourage you to achieve your dreams. Personal growth and development should be as much a part of your future as anything else. If you think you are settling for anything less than what you deserve, then you need to take a breather and think about what you should do next.

Common things to do

The compatibility between two people springs

The compatibility between two people springs from the things that both of them find interesting. At the beginning of the relationship, you can definitely compromise and feel like you like all the things that your partner does. However, as life goes on the stress of dealing with it every day may not leave you so amiable. So, when both of you find at least some common ground that can help you cement your relationship better, only then can you think of aiming for something more.

Marrying someone is so much like having faith

Marrying someone is so much like having faith. It is having faith in the other person and believing that everything will turn out fine. So, after reading all these you are confident that he/she is the right person for you, then congratulations on your wedding.

Top 5 Complaints About The Iphone 5

If you are thinking about buying the iPhone 5 or if you already have one, then you should know about the top 5 complaints about the iPhone 5. As with other Apple product launches, people have already started pointing out the issues that surround the iPhone 5.

Most people are quite pleased with the iPhone 5. However, some have still found a number of complaints with the iPhone 5. This could be because they paid anything between $ 200 to $ 400 on contract or $ 650 to $ 850 unlocked. At this price, you would also want to get a perfect phone.

However, you should know that the iPhone 5 is not perfect. Some people have problems with iOS 6, a couple of hardware issues among others. Following below are the top 5 complaints about the iPhone 5:

1. Screen Issues

Most of the iPhone 5 issues are not external. There have been reports about flaws with the iPhone 5 screen. For instance, some of these phones have some sort of air buble on the screen. Other people say that their screens tend to flicker. In some of these phones, the light from the screen also leaks out of such parts as the gap in between the power button and the phone.

2. Wi- Fi Issues

From most Apple forums, you will also see a couple of reports about Wi- Fi connectivity. This means that some iPhone 5s cannot locate Wi-Fi networks, others can only link up for a very brief period while the rest run slowly even after connection. Then, some users have problems transmitting data via Wi- Fi.

3. Scratches

Most iPhones scratch easily. Although the screen on the iPhone 5 is more resistant to scratches, the edges and back seem to be less resistant to scratching. In fact, some have complained that their iPhone 5 came with scruff marks even while new. This means that you need to be careful about your iPhone and never place it next to sharp objects or keys.

4. Light Weight

Then there have been some absurd complaints that the iPhone 5 is not heavy enough. Although this is a silly complaint, it could be an actual reason why some users may opt to buy other iPhone 5 alternatives.

This means that the fact that the iPhone 5 is lighter than previous iPhone models would make some people not invest in it. Even if you Google the term, ‘too light iPhone 5′, you will see more complaints from people about the weight.

iPhone 5 is lighter than previous iPhone models

iPhone 5 is lighter than previous iPhone models

5. Mapping Issues

The biggest complaint is over the new mapping app that affects users of the iPhone 5 and of the latest iOS 6. Apple has its own app which has now replaced Google maps. However, this app has some humorous flaws. This app sometimes finds railway stations where there are none and such errors.

The biggest complaint is over the new mapping app that affects users of the iPhone 5

The biggest complaint is over the new mapping app that affects users of the iPhone 5

If you have been dealing with any or all of these issues, you shouldn’t feel too alarmed. For instance, you can exchange or return your iPhone 5 within 30 days after you bought it. The only caveat is that you should take it back to the store in the condition you got it. Then, note that return policies on the iPhone 5 vary from one retailer to the other.